New Book Announcement, May 2019:

save the bees by planting natives using this guidebook

Throughout my gardening years, I have become an advocate for pollinators and native plants. Just this month, 9 bumblebee species were put on the endangered species list. Honey bee populations have depleted by 50%. Now the Monarch butterfly is close to being endangered, too. And humans are not helping. I just found out Illinois had banned planting milkweed-a host plant for Monarchs. If you planted Milkweed in Chicago, you would have been fined. Native plant advocates took it to court, and the ban was lifted in 2017. The damage, however, was done. Illinois is right in the middle of the Monarch's migration flight plan, and the lack of host plants affects Monarch's from having babies. Hopefully, prairie restoration projects are helping to bring back the numbers. The causes of the depleting pollinator populations are complex and sobering. If it all continues, our food sources will be severely depleted, and our greater ecosystem will be affected. Simple gardening changes can make a positive impact, especially planting some native plants in your yard.

However, as I tried to research and plan my garden beds for some native plants, I found that books were not organized in a way to help garden planning. They were often organized alphabetically and by Latin names. They were burdened with too much information, making things too academic and unapproachable. Thus, my book, BEE NATIVE! Flower Power, Midwest Edition

The book is organized by sun needs first, then plant heights-the way people plan and design their garden beds. The book is full of my own illustrations of the flowers and native maps, so there is a lot of heart and love on every page.

I will be releasing different regions every 6 months. So stay tuned!
Just one native plant will make a huge impact. I saw 20 different butterflies over a 4 day period in my urban garden last week, and I am not outside all day. Imagine!?

SAVORING SWEET, a book to help you learn how to use herbs and florals in sweet recipes

It took two years in the making with many trips to the library, the garden and my kitchen. But I finally self-published my little cookbook!


Savoring Sweet!
I have included links here for different readers and etailers for your convenience. I do hope you take it for a whirl. I had so much fun exploring how savory herbs and edible florals work in the kitchen. And I am so excited to share my knowledge with you, as well as some recipes I developed along the way. Thank you so much for your support!



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