Get Ahead of the Holidays! A Gardener's Favorite Gift List, From T-Shirts, Mugs, Prints and Posters

Perusing my blog and social spaces will reveal a love of all things gardening, and I am not afraid to show off that love in mugs, shirts, books, and prints. My shop is a wonderful space for me to marry my illustration and design skills with my domestic passions-in this case love of flowers and growing things. 
I thought I would make your holiday list-making easier with these ideas. Yes, these are my goods, so you may think this is a pretty self-serving post. But a lot of my love and handwork went into each of these pretties, hoping to share my art with you, to make your world a little lovelier and self-expressive. And the books are written, illustrated and self-published by your truly, to help spread the word about helping pollinators. PLUS a percentage of the profits from my #savethebees products will go to The Honeybee Conservancy at the end of the year.

I know you have some gardeners and naturalists in your life that would love this stuff under the tree! Take a look!


Flower Book for a bee and butterfly garden
Native Plants for Bees and Butterflies Book $42.99/$9.99
kids book about bees and butterflies
Children's Book about Bees and other Pollinators $10.99/$5.99

Bee Friendly To Bees T-Shirt . $25.99 (free shipping)
"Dirty Girl" Garden Lover's T-Shirt  $25.99 (free shipping)

Save The Bees Gardener Vintage Floral T-Shirt  $25.99 (free shipping)

Bold "Give Bees a Chance" Gardener T-Shirt $25.99 (free shipping)

Save The Monarchs Vintage Floral Gardener's T-Shirt  $25.99 (free shipping)

Mugs & Kitchenware
"Bloom Where You're Planted" Victorian Floral Mug $23.99 (free shipping)

"Dirty Girl" Funny Floral Gardener's Mug  $26.99 (free shipping)

Pollinator Bee Species Watercolor Coasters . $25.99

Save the Bees Gardener's Mugs, 11 oz and 15 oz, $23.99, $26.99 (free shipping)

Tote Bags

Native Pollinator Bee Species Watercolor Art Tote Bag $28.99 (free shipping)

Save the Monarch's Vintage Floral Tote Bag  $35.99 (free shipping)
Funny Vintage Garden Lover's Tote Bag . $31.99 (free shipping)

Vintage Floral 'Grow" Garden Lover's Tote Bag $35.99 (free shipping)
Busy Bee Garden and Bee Lover Vintage Chic Light Tote Bag  $28.99 (Free shipping)

Save the Bees Vintage Floral Shabby Chic Tote Bag . $28.99 (free shipping) 

Other Gifts

Vintage Floral Shabby Chic Victorian Blue Flowers Phone Case, $27.99 (free shipping)

Locally Grown and Raised Flour Sack Towel $25.99 (free shipping)

 Pollinators Poster with Vintage Native Plant Art, Midwest Wildflower Print $28.99/$32.99/$34.99 (free shipping) 

Vintage Floral Poster Gardening Quote Poster $28.99/$32.99/$34.99 (free shipping) 

Vintage Floral Gardening Quote Poster $28.99/$32.99/$34.99 (free shipping)



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