Migration Time! We appreciate your patience as we move the blog to a new home.

It's been on my mind for YEARS. When I decided to start this blog, it was to learn social media on behalf of my clients and ad agency I was working for. Blogger was the easiest way to just get started and get writing. What I didn't realize was what a creative outlet it would be and the passion I would have in working on it. I am a creative person, and the ideas and creations I come up with, I love to share with all of you.
It has grown into a brand.
It has grown into a youtube channel.
It has grown into 2 self-published books.
It has grown into products and shops.

Quite simply we have outgrown our "apartment".

It's time to buy a house. Deep down, I have known this for years. The task was so daunting, and each year the amount of content to move grew and grew, which gave me a headache. And then I would take two Tylenol, have a lie-down, ignore my problem and get back to creating/writing/sharing. Heck, that is WAY more fun anyway.

The issue is, the more content I add on Blogger doesn't help anymore. You may be surprised that the almighty Google "SEO-GOD" search engine that owns Blogger has really crappy (I am using a tamer word here...I would use a saltier sentence enhancer if we were drinking some wine on my deck together) SEO abilities in Blogger. But it takes the same amount of work to post, share and resyndicate. I need to be in a home that will take my hard work and make sure it gives me a bigger opportunity to grow my audience so that my ideas and tips get seen by the eyeballs that need them. I also need all my properties to work together in unison. This is one brand. It needs to be in one place, and all of the arms need to support the larger body-if you will. Right now, things are all over the place, and Google doesn't really like that. Google doesn't give me the credit of authoring all this stuff because it doesn't understand that it all comes from one "authority"...meaning me. So a rising tide lifts all ships, and we are raising the tide, and building a bigger boat.

Why am I telling you? Because you have been my faithful reader for over ten years, and you may have seen a drop in content here. I have been finding a migration solution, and now we will be migrating/designing and giving the blog a dusting and cleaning. SO yes, there will be less content here for the time being. I thought I should let you know. It doesn't mean I am peetering out on my blog, brand or ideas. In fact, I have a backlog of 10 recipes, and 2 dozen posts to accompany my youtube videos. But the more I post will mean more to move. I need to pause for my own sanity and my migration team's sanity.

If you need a dose of urban domestic diva-ness, follow me on Pinterest, Instagram or my Facebook page. I am also diligently posting Fridays with Flora videos every other week on the youtube channel, so subscribe there. The shops have really cool stuff for you! Also, sign up for my email list at the top of the page. The tribe is growing, and I reach those readers monthly at the very least. And one more shout out, to my book I just published. The book is written and illustrated by ME, and it covers native plants in the midwest in a digestible easy to use guide. Check it out. So even though the blog will be quiet for a few weeks more, I am still out there for you. Reach out!

Stay tuned. I'll announce to my readers when the new blog is up via social and emails! 
THANK YOU for your support and love over these past years. I would not be here, and even at this point without your readership. It is EVERYTHING.

peace and blessings,



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