Where Have I Been? Meet the Blog's New Vintage Chic Shop!

First of all, my apologies. I haven't been this MIA on the blog since I started it in 2008. To all of my followers out there, thank you for your unwavering support, and sorry the content was light in September. and I hope Google forgives me as well as their magical algorithm. I have a backlog of writing a mile long! But I promise you will be rewarded for your patience.

As the blogging landscape has evolved and changed, so have the opportunities to grow it. Through my feedback and social channel growth, as well as the evolution of my own artistic and shabby-chic style, I became inspired to use by art direction and design skills to work for myself in a bigger way. It has been what I have been doing in the content I create for you all these years, but I wanted to create other physical things so that my followers could infuse all the "savvy-chic-pretty" directly into their lives. In doing this, I'm further delivering on our mission here to "make the world lovelier, one pixel at a time."

I used September as my month to create, create, create just for you, in hopes to launch my blog's shop my month's end with a strong base of products.


And a smaller version of the shop is on Etsy.
(I would love some favorites if you could, to help get the shop some eyeballs. Thanks!)

I have had so much fun! I just let the muse speak, and I was able to use all the vintage textures and fonts, pictures and ephemera I saved through the years to create really fun and unique products, designed by yours truly! And I have a slew of more products to upload this weekend. I am also busy developing holiday gifts and decor to put in the shop by end of the month.

Some of my personal faves:

‘Conquer the Day’ Mug                                         ‘Go Away’ Mug

‘I Am Very Busy’ Phone Case                 ‘Victorian Camera’ Phone Case

‘Welcome’ Artisan Pillow 20 Inch             ‘Sit. Stay.’ Artisan Pillow 20 Inch

‘Parisian Collage’ Blanket

Now that the big push of developing and launching an e-commerce site in 30 days is over, we bring you back to our regularly scheduled content. I am still cooking, gardening, thrifting, upcycling and crafting at the homestead, and planning on sharing all that I learn with you.

SO don't go anywhere. A lot more fun is about to happen with the Urban Domestic Diva.

If you wish to stay up on updates as well as when new products get placed in the shop, enter your email above with the "subscribe" link to join my mailing list. I have a monthly newsletter full of fun, content, and surprises.

Thanks again!
Peace and Blessings,




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