CRAFTS: Make a Mosaic Garden Planter for Succulents using Broken China

It's garden time! I have spent any warm dry day I can in the garden beds this month. It has been a late spring, so we have to pack in a lot of chores in a very truncated time frame. It's been a ton of work, but I have been so happy doing it. I can really get my creative juices flowing and get a good arm workout too.

I have been hoping this year to work more with succulents, especially succulents that can come back year after year. Our cottage in MI needs some low maintenance garden love, and I think succulents are just the ticket in select areas. One of my ideas is to use a variety of deep, interesting container pots holding some unique succulents set up on display sitting on some existing decking around trees on the slope of my yard. I decided to use mosaics to add color and interest to what would normally be a boring area of the yard. Container pots can get expensive, and so can mosaic tiles. And, well, my budget is tight this year so my solution has been.....thrifting!

Yup. I found this deep metal pot or umbrella stand (above) at the Goodwill, and also found dollar plates to add to my mosaic supplies which I break with a hammer under some throwaway towels (wearing goggles). The pot was 6 dollars. Usually deep, large pots are in the double digits at the big box stores. Thrift shops are a cheap and creative way to get some unique planting pots for your yard. I've used colanders, watering cans, bird cages. Don't be shy, and have fun with it.

This planter needed drain holes, so keep that in mind if you thrift something to use that is not typically a plant pot.  And you have to know what surface you are working with when mosaicing your pot.  To glue mosaics on to metal you need silicone glue. If this was a terra cotta or stone pot, you can use bathroom tile adhesive. 

The step by step how-to is below! Give you garden splashes of color with mosaics and cool upcycled pots-and you will be the talk of your next garden walk. I promise. 

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