CRAFTING: Old Lamp Makeover with Chalk Paint and Embroidered Lamp Shade (how-to video)

Old Lamp Makeover

Anybody that has growing children knows that kids grow out of stuff, and not just clothes; but toys, interests, and room decor. When my daughter's age went into the double digits, she wanted to trade the pastel blues and greens of her bedroom (with Hello Kitty mural hand painted by yours truly) to an edgy black, white and orange teen room. Sadly that meant I had to retire some really nice Pottery Barn decor, including a charming lamp.

I resisted putting it on eBay, and it was taking up room in my closet. So when we bought our cottage lake home fixer-upper, I decided to pull out that forgotten lamp and give it a makeover for the cottage guest room so it would match. I chalk painted the base and bought an inexpensive shade at Target. I added flair by doing some embroidery right on the shade to give it some floral favor to match the guest room bedding. It turned out beautifully and took just a weekend to finish. 

If you ever find a great lamp base at a thrift store but it looks dated-don’t fret. With a coat of paint and a new shade and you can have some great lighting on a budget! 

Check out my how-to video below, complete with some embroidery stitching tutorials. And if you want to stay up on my crafting and upcycling projects, subscribe to my youtube channel. I update bigger projects on Fridays and do a kitchen basic videos midweek. Subscribing helps to get more eyeballs on my stuff and support my efforts so I can keep on sharing the digital love.



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