RECIPE & VIDEO: Cheater Cinnamon Roll Holiday Wreath for Christmas Brunch

Happy Holidays Everybody!

I have a TON of wrapping and sewing to do to get us to Christmas Eve, and of course, we are all fighting colds to boot. But in between all of it, I was able to share a delicious idea I had using refrigerated cinnamon roll dough to make a lovely holiday wreath to serve on brunch Christmas morning. It is SO easy, and you can either slice it or serve it as a "pull apart" bread. Just layer halved rolls with melted butter, chopped pecans and sprinkled sugar in a large circle. Then use jarred Morello cherries around the wreath and bake until golden. I used a toothpick to stick a bow on it, and TADA! you look like the holiday diva that you are.

Here is a quick how-to video that shows you step by step. It goes by fast, it's that easy. And to not miss out on other Friday video installments, please subscribe to my youtube channel. We'll be off for the holidays video-wise so the next Fridays with Flora video will be after the New Year.

Happiest of holidays and blessings to your family for the New Year!




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