RECIPE and VIDEO: White Chocolate Mousse Trifles 3 Ways!

In the busy days of fall, entertaining sometimes can be hard to find time for, especially making dessert. I like having the components for my super-easy white chocolate mousse to whip up (literally) to use in a variety of easy treats (cupcakes, cake fillings, frozen, etc). One of the new ideas I came up with were these fun and easy trifles You can get creative with what you have in the pantry. I came up with these 3, and they were a huge hit. Of course my daughter loved the S'more one. You can choose what you want for the cake/cookie layers and the flavors in between to skew these any which way you want, the mousse is super flexible. Have fun with it!

White Chocolate Mousse


1 oz. white chocolate
1 Tbsp. whole milk or cream
1 box instant white chocolate pudding
3/4 cup whole milk
2 cups thawed non-dairy topping


In a small bowl, melt the white chocolate with the cream or milk in the microwave at half power until smooth and creamy. Let cool slightly.

In another bowl, whip the pudding with the milk until thick. Whip in the melted white chocolate. Fold in the non-dairy whipped topping until evenly combined. Chill the mousse for 1-2 hours before using.


chocolate chip trifle 

crumbled chocolate chip cookies 
chocolate syrup 
mini chocolate chips 
white chocolate mousse

You are basically laying everything like a lasagna. lay crumbled chopped chocolate chip cookies on the bottom of the glass. White chocolate mousse on top, then drizzle chocolate syrup. Add crumbled chocolate chip cookies, dollop some more white chocolate mousse, sprinkle chocolate chip cookies on top and drizzle with chocolate syrup add sprinkle mini chocolate chips on the very top for garnish and serve.

 mint chocolate trifle 

chocolate covered chocolate mint wafer cookies, crumbled 
crème de menthe liquor 
chocolate syrup 
white chocolate mousse
mint leaves for garnish 

Layer everything like lasagna. Start with the crushed mint chocolate wafer cookies, little that white chocolate mousse drizzle chocolate syrup and a little bit crème de menthe liquor add some more crumbled mint chocolate cookies a little bit more white chocolate mousse add crumbled chocolate cookies on top with an extra drizzle of chocolate syrup and garnish with mint leaves and serve to your guests

S'more trifle 

baking pan with nonstick cooking spray 
mini marshmallows 
chocolate syrup 
crumbled graham crackers 
white chocolate mousse

Layer everything like lasagna. In your glasses start with the crumbled graham crackers on the bottom. Spoon the white chocolate mousse on top, drizzle with chocolate syrup. Place your toasted marshmallows on top of that. Add a little more white chocolate mousse on top of that. Add final crumpled graham crackers then drizzle with more chocolate syrup on top and serve.



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