RECIPE: Dragon Buddha Bowl

Chillier days are in store which means comfort foods are back on the docket. This dish is spicy, warm yet pretty light and healthy. Your guests can top their Buddha bowls with their favorite things. Some people like kimchi, some like avocado. My kid hates onions, and I like chopped chives versus onions. The great thing about Buddha bowls is that once you get your carb and protien, you can put creativity to the meal and give your family some flexibility. The slow cooker and marinade do most of the work. You get all the fun!
Dragon Buddha Bowl 

1/2 cup of Korean red pepper paste (Gochujang)
2 tablespoons of toasted sesame oil 
1 tablespoon of soy sauce 
1 tablespoon of sugar 
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed
1" piece of ginger, peeled and minced 
1 pound of beef top round, cut against the grain, very thinly sliced about 2" long
10 ounces of sliced medium shitake mushrooms
1 cucumber, seeded and thinly sliced 
1/4 cup of rice vinegar 
5 ounces of chopped baby spinach 
6 cups of cooked white rice 

for garnish 
shredded carrots 
chopped green onions or chives 
chopped avocado 
chopped cabbage 
sesame seeds for garnish 


In a large bowl whisk red pepper paste, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, 1/4 cup of water until smooth.

Add beef and pinch of salt and toss to coat. Let stand at least 10 minutes or refrigerate for up to eight hours or overnight. 

Add beef with sauce to a slow cooker with mushrooms. Cover and cook on high heat for about two hours, until the beef is tender, stirring occasionally.

While the beef cooks, toss cucumber with vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Set aside. Cook rice in the slow cooker. I use 2 parts liquid to 1 part rice. Fluff with a fork when done.

When the beef is done toss around to evenly coat it all. Serve a top one cup of rice in each serving bowl. Drain cucumbers and place some on each serving. Garnish with green onions and any toppings anybody wants. Drizzle with sauce from the pot or little extra soy sauce on the side and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.



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