GARDENING: How To Prune Lavender for Fall and other Fall Tips

It's the last two weeks of August, which had me out in the garden getting some much needed garden chores done. One important chore which I never had time to do in years past was to do a fall pruning on my lavender bush. Because of it, my plant has become really shabby. I get flowers on it, but the wood has become a little "rambley" and some of the growth has become sporadic. I do a spring pruning, but that pruning is more delicate, because I don't want to over do it and prevent blooms in the summer. But a harder pruning in fall, once blooms are spent, can get your plant a little more compact and a have better shape to it. The last 2 weeks of August is a perfect time to get it done.

Below is my most recent "Fridays with Flora" episode where I show you how to prune your lavender plant. Toward the end of the video I also give you some other to-do's for late summer to get your garden ready for fall and first frost.

The term "Constant Gardener" is not lost on me! The only positive about winter in the Midwest is that you get a break from garden chores! But one look at the beauty you create with your own two hands and it makes it worth it. Right?

Join me next week on Friday at my youtube channel where I upload my next Fridays with Flora installment, making a mix & bake cake recipe handed down from my Great Aunt Marguerite in France (born in Italy). It's delicious.



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