HOMESTEADING: How-To Make Elderflower Infused Liquor

If you have followed my blog for a bit, you know that I enjoy making fun infusions with spices, herbs, and botanicals. I have been patiently waiting for our elderflower bush in the front yard to produce enough flowers to make a liquor. Unfortunately, a neighbors dog broke our bush so we have to still wait a few years. SO I foraged flowers in the woods and on the side of country roads when we were in Michigan last. They are all over in the countryside. They eventually turn into berries, and I have been told the berries can make a lovely tincture for colds and lung infections.

Elderflowers steeped in vodka turn into a golden honey-citrus flavored liquor with a little woodsy undertone. Mix it in some botanical cocktails for a citrus-floral drink. Below is a quick how-to on how to make it. 



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