LIFESTYLE: Deep Woodlands 'OFF' Essential Oils Bug Spray

I don't know about you guys, but all I have been seeing in my Facebook feed are scary tick stories. Evidently, this season will be the worst tick season on record. My fellow Girl Scout leaders and I came prepared with a lot of bug spray to our camping trip last week. But I wanted to also try something different, and that was using therapeutic grade essential oils to naturally ward off critters. I HATE DEET. It's such a harsh chemical!

We were on a state park campsite, near a body of water, so the bugs were relentless. I can honestly say I only received 2 mosquito bites the whole trip and was left alone from all the flying bugs at night (you know the ones that buzz by your ear.....I hate that.) I would spray myself all over at night as well as my sleeping bag. And I would spray myself every two hours all day into the night. The girls asked me why I smelled so nice, too. So it actually was refreshing and nice to have on. I can't say for sure, but I wondered if the oils prevented the two bug bites I did get from getting inflamed and itchy like they usually do. Because I barely noticed them.

One bad night I did have to resort to some deep woods off, the mosquitos were so bad. But that was one night only and at dusk. Otherwise this recipe worked wonders! I went on a horse trail ride, and hiked, and slept in a buggy cabin. Bugs stayed away for the most part! So here is the recipe. Important note, you need therapeutic grade oil that is 100% pure. I use Young Living and sometimes DoTerra...and in a pinch I use Aura Cacia, NOW and an organic line called Veriditas. Give it a try. It will be a staple here all summer long!

Deep Woodlands 'OFF' Essential Oils Bug Spray

Supplies & Recipe:
4 oz. Amber or blue glass spritzer bottle
2 oz. Witch Hazel
2 oz. Distilled water

15 drops lemongrass (everything)
15 drops eucalyptus (mosquitos)
10 drops peppermint (spiders, ants)
10 drops lavendar (everything)
10 drops tea tree (mosquitos, ants)
15 drops rosemary (fleas, ticks)

Mix together, shake well before each application. Apply every 2-3 hours, on bare body parts as well as clothes. Also, spray tent perimeter and sleeping bags. 



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