CRAFTS: Decorative Ribbon 'May Pole' Hoop

Being a girl scout leader for years, we learn to never ever throw away anything. We save any and all scraps because you never know what you can use in a project while saving money. I also hoard sale crafts when I go to the craft store. If there are spools of ribbon for cheap, I buy it all up, because you never know when you will need it. I also get the bags of craft bric a brac at the thrift stores for a dollar. You can find some great lace, fabric remnants and trimmings for a steal.

So with hosting Easter and a few spring parties this season, I wanted to make something decorative and spring-festive using up all my hoarded scraps. With a clearance wooden needlepoint hoop at the craft store and a pair of scissors, I made a bit of renaissance-May-pole-chic in the dining room!

It was super easy and done in an evening watching sitcom reruns. My traditional Italian father who never notices stuff like this was full of compliments on my decorations at Easter!

Decorative Ribbon 'May Pole' Hoop


Strips of fabric, 1-1.5 " thick, about 14-16 " long for one strip, or double the length if you are double siding the tie off.

Various ribbon scraps and ricrac, roughly the same length and width

A wooden needlepoint hoop, to the size you need. We used a larger one for our dining room chandelier

Fishing line or sewing thread to hang the hoop from a light fixture or the ceiling

Scissors and a ruler


Cut ribbons and scraps of fabric to the lengths above. Try and stay with the same colors or hues to make the boho chic look work. I went with vintage pastels, so a mix of textures and patterns can work together.

Tie single strips of fabric and ribbon to the hoop with a double knot at the top. If you don't want knots and ends at the top, you can do a double sided strip by doubling the length, finding the center and placing the center of the strip on the hoop, and tying it with a knot on the bottom of the hoop, and letting the two sides swing down. I did a mix of single strips and doubles.

Balance the sides by mixing up the same fabric on various areas of the hoops, versus using the same area of the hoops with the same fabrics. Evenly distribute everything, color-wise and material-wise.

Once filled well enough. use fishing line or thread to hang it evenly from the ceiling or light fixture. Enjoy the boho chic as it rustles and swings in the air. I also made matching fabric banners with twine and scraps and a glue gun.



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