LIFESTYLE: Wine and....Popcorn? Sign me up. SkinnyPop Wine Parings

Popcorn is a must-have in our house. We usually make it in our popper from scratch and try different home made toppings to keep our eating cleaner. But sometimes I buy it pre-popped to cut down on time, and SkinnyPop is one of my go-to brands. Yesterday I was doing some shopping and I was so excited to see some new SkinnyPop flavors, like Jalapeno! (I asked the register girl to not bag it because mamma was going to be enjoying that on the ride home. Yummo!)

As it turns out, popcorn isn't just for cuddling with my monkey-girl watching a Studio Ghibli movie. It can be for cuddling with my hubby, sipping some wine, munching on some Skinny Pop and catching up on Homeland or The Magicians (don't judge).  Each SkinnyPop flavor goes swimmingly with specific wine to make your next Netflix night delicious.

Popcorn-not just for the kiddos.

Take your popcorn to the next level with help from the infographic below. Looks like I am getting some Pinot Grigio to go with that Jalapeno Popcorn tonight. MMMmm. Will Carrie finally figure out that evil collusion is happening within the CIA itself? The wine and SkinnyPop will help with the stress of Homeland, that's for sure.

Please note: SkinnyPop popcorn infographic was provided by SkinnyPop. All thoughts, opinions and obsessions about SkinnyPop are completely my own. Thanks! #skinnypop @skinnypop



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