CRAFTS: How To Make a Mosaic House Address Plaque

Since 2008 I have been in the "social media village", and I have always been surprised and delighted-as well as surprised and dismayed-about what content resonates and what doesn't. One thing I have learned is that whatever you think-expect the opposite!

In keeping things on a positive spin-one piece of content that surprised and delighted me was my mosaic table video from a couple years ago on my youtube channel. Mosaics look harder than it is, and the level of difficulty depends on you and the design you want to tackle. I started years ago, teaching myself by going to this antiquated place called...the library...and reading many books-and getting lots of grout on them!

After using more traditional square tiles on various projects, I became more confident in my skills. I began experimenting-realizing that if you can glue it down and it was flat enough-you can put it in a mosaic. I began breaking plates, saving old jewelry, scouring sale bead bins at Walmart and breaking glass tiles used for stained glass. My first big project trying this approach was the table I decided to take a video on and walk through the steps.

Many people have been inspired to jump in to crafting with mosaics with the help of my video-and I've been enjoying the conversation that has been popping up in the comments area. Many followers have begged me to make more videos. Well, this blogging thing is sort of a second third fourth job for me, so finding time to do these videos is tough-and add a mosaic in there and it's dang near impossible.

But cry no more followers! Cry no more.

Here is how you can make an amazing mosaic house number plaque that makes your own house pretty or makes a great house warming gift for a close friend. The key to having this piece stand up to the elements is an aluminum baking sheet! This metal doesn't rust and won't crack in the cold weather. You need to use silicone glue to adhere your tiles to the metal, and you should rough up the surface with some steel wool for good measure before glueing things down. The rest is simple mosaic skills and a good design.

Easy peasy-and it's cheaper than therapy-I mean-when is it OK to break plates with a hammer?

For other how-to videos from yours truly, subscribe to my youtube channel! I so appreciate the support and the small ad revenue I make there helps to waylay the costs of maintaining the blog.



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