BAKING TIPS: How to save Wilton Candy Melts for later

Are you a baking or candy making diva like I am? I am so over run with sprinkles, cake pop sticks, decorating gels and Candy Melts that I need to find a giant tackle box of some sort to organize it all. There is just too many supplies and my hubby kicked my overflowing ziploc bags out of the cabinet for me to find another home for.

I get supplies for one project and I always have left over, and I never want to waste it because A: It's expensive B: You never know when you are going to need it for your next project.

The same goes for Candy Melts. I love this product. It's shelf stable, comes in all colors and flavors, and you can remelt it over and over again. That goes for cooled and stored melts, too. But I have always struggled with saving left over melted Candy Melts. I usually let it cool in the bowl, then chisel it out with a fork and knife accompanied with many "sentence enhancers". It's not a great (or easy) technique.

My recent project involved using Candy Melts to create ghost creatures for my daughter's birthday cake, and I used parchment to shape them and let them set. Then it dawned on me (well, it was more of a face palm moment), why not scrape the extra-melty-ooze onto a piece of parchment and spread it with a knife in an even layer. Then let it cool right on there, and break it up once it's set in even chunks and store in a ziploc bag for later.

It worked like a dream!

Next time you have a good handful of extra melted Candy Melts, layer it on some parchment, let it cool, break it up with your hands and store! DONE!



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