INFOGRAPHIC: Coffee in Moderation can be Healthy

If you are a regular visitor you may know I have an obsessive love of coffee. Recently, coffee has been in the news as having health benefits when consumed in moderation. I was thrilled to know that, because I have always thought that coffee has been one of my guilty pleasures.

Here is a handy infographic that explains what "moderation" means. I mean, everything in "moderation", right? 
Like healthy fats in moderation.
Like red wine in moderation? 
Hmm, yeah. I wonder how well I am doing with "red wine in moderation".....


The ever elusive "moderation" benchmark.

Well, no more guesswork with coffee thanks to
I think my dad needs this, because he drinks espresso all day long (Italians-*shrug).

So moderation in coffee is 4 8oz. cups a day. HURRAY! I'm within that range. (Don't tell my fellow Fast Metabolism Diet Groupies, coffee is a no no, but I am more in maintenance mode now, and it seems to be OK.)

And remember, you get caffeine from other sources, as this nifty infographic shows. That all counts, so keep loose track throughout your day.

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