Sundays with Starbucks: Enjoying Mother's Day and Thinking About "Origins"

Mother's Day comes every year, and we have settled into a tradition in our home where breakfast is served to me with a steamy cup of coffee, a vase full of flowers, fresh fruit, and whatever I want on the T.V. (Right now I have a Harry Potter movie on-I know. But I am a quirky girl.) It turns out to be a lazy, delicious morning.

Today I am enjoying a Starbucks "single-origin" brew from Guatemala called Laguna de Ayarza. It's spicy aroma and citrus punch comes from one place far away. A place rich in volcanic soil paired with warm days with cool nights to create a very special coffee bean that grows slowly developing a complex flavor profile. The characters and traits of that one, exotic, faraway place is what creates all the subtle nuance of this mellow, spicy-chocolate coffee. It got me thinking of origins-our beginnings and our roots-and how Motherhood is the origin of us all.

This morning, as I await my fancy Mother's Day pancakes, I've really enjoyed my Facebook feed. Countless people are sharing pictures of their moms, their children, their aunts and Godparents. Facebook is so full of love and memories today, some bittersweet, some funny and silly. But one thing threads all these moments together, and that is motherhood and the powerful connecting thread of a mother's love. Today it's not just about moms, it's all about love. 

It's how humanity continues, day in and day out. It's how the animal kingdom continues. Mother's give birth to life, and we love our fledglings until our dying breath with a ferocious mama-bear love that at times can suffocate them. We all come from a mother's love, and flourish there. It's our one place of origin. It's our touchstone, and it connects us all. It makes us who we are, with all that complexity and flavor. It's a powerful thing.

So today, bask in the glow of love. You may not be a mother, but you came from a mother. I also believe that we all have many different mothers. There are aunts and Godparents and grandparents, neighbors, friends and teachers that all are there to love us and give us roots, give us a "single-origin" from which to grow and flourish. Celebrate them. Celebrate you. Celebrate Love.

Happy Mother's  Love Day.

And to my pookie pie who made me a mother 12 years ago, Thank you for the best journey yet. I hope I am deserving of the gift of YOU.

Please note: Starbucks Laguna de Ayarza and the fabulous pour over contraption with filters was provided by Starbucks. All thoughts, opinions and obsessions about Starbucks coffee are completely my own. Thanks! #starbucks #LagunadeAyarza @starbucks #singleorigins



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