Sundays with Starbucks: Lap Cat Mornings and Starbucks House Blend Tasting

Sundays can be very relaxing, or they can be very busy. I try and balance months with some Sundays where we have NO PLANS, to balance out the Sundays where we have a lot going on. Sundays are church days, family dinner days, brunch days, bridal or baby shower days, laundry days, get-caught-up-on-life kind of days.

Before our crazy begins, I enjoy some time, right after breakfast and before I shower, where I finish  the last of the coffee and just chill out with a blanket. It may be only 30 minutes, but I need it, and YOU need it. Right?

And you know who always finds me in my cozy spot for my Sunday Morning chill out?

My cat, Moon.

If there is a blanket and lap available, with some yummy smelling coffee nearby warming up the general area, Moon will find it.
She generally doesn't like that it's usually a short time. But, she'll take what she can get-as will I!

The perfect match for you and your lap cat moments?
I have to say, Starbucks House Blend. It's easy, smooth and pretty much the "work horse" of their family of coffees.

This blend was Starbucks first, and put them on the map. It has been meticulously put together for a perfect balance of bold and smooth. If you really want to experience the nuance of this blend, I recommend making a pour over cup-although we drip brew a giant pot for Sunday mornings.

The first thing that threw me was the aroma. When you open the bag, you will be hit with a strong, smoky, tobacco aroma. It's a bit different from their other blends in that way.

When you take your first sip, it is bold and sweet on your tongue. I experienced hazelnut flavors with some smooth chocolate tones. But then the finish is very bold and sharp, and it lingers for a while on your tongue. The finish is what makes it bold and punchy. The aroma of the brew contrasts from the aroma of the bean. It has a lot of nutty undertones as the steam hits your nose. 

For being a basic, "work horse" coffee blend, it has a lot of vey subtle magic that you will enjoy if you take the time, under a blanket, with your lap cat, to do so. 

So go right now, find your blanket, put on a Harry Potter rerun (or at the moment I am enjoying Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark)  and invite your lap cat (or dog) to assist you in enjoying a cup of Starbucks House blend right now. The plans for the day can wait.

Happy Sunday!

Please note: Starbucks House blend and the fabulous pour over contraption with filters was provided by Starbucks. All thoughts, opinions and obsessions about Starbucks coffee are completely my own. Thanks! #starbucks #houseblend @starbucks



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