RECIPE: FMD Phase 3, Open Faced Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwiches

This concoction I threw together this morning. Hubby really wanted lox and bagel sandwiches. The poor guy has been living my diet by default to some extent. And he was really craving some lox nestled in mountains of fattening cream cheese on a soft, glutenous bagel. And who am I to deny that?

But I wanted to play, too. So this was my Phase 3-happy version. And you know what? It was delicious! I did not miss the dairy at ALL. I swear. This may be my go-to from here on in, because if it's one thing that this diet has shown me, it's that dairy makes me feel phlegmy and bloated. I will still enjoy cheese and yogurt occasionally once I go to my maintenance phase. But as far as milk-I am moving to almond milk permanently.

This recipe is super easy. Here it is.

FMD Phase 3, Open Faced Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwiches


1 sprouted grain bagel, or a GF bagel that uses phase 3 appropriate grains
2 oz. of nitrate free smoked salmon
1/2 ripe avocado, pitted and peeled and roughly cut up
salt and pepper to taste
2 ripe tomato slices
4-6 red onion slices
squeeze of lemon (optional)


Toast the bagel, and let it cool slightly.

With a knife or fork, mash avocado onto the tops of both bagels. Sprinkle with a generous amount of salt and fresh ground pepper.

Lay the red onion slices on top of the avocado spread on each bagel, and then lay a tomato slice on top of those. Layer smoked salmon slices on top of both bagels. Lightly squeeze some lemon juice on top of both, if desired. But you don't need to.

Eat up, and add a phase 3 fruit to go with it. I ate some sliced grapefruit with a light sprinkle of birch xylitol. I was so happy, I actually was motivated to clean the bathrooms-and that's something!


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