ENTERTAINING: Valentine Christmas Party Mash Up!

Who knew Valentine's Day and Christmas could go together?

It can. I am going to prove it.

Last year, we missed seeing some dear friends of ours over Christmas, so we needed to exchange Christmas presents, and the only open day to do it was Valentine's Day.

So I pulled out a little glittery purple Christmas tree, bought some cute, shiny heart ornaments, wrapped some Valentine gifts under the Valentine tree with the Christmas ones, decked the dining room with red and pink love and VOILA! A match made in heaven.

Here are the details:

Table and Dining Room:

Red tissue pinwheels from the chandelier create a festive air while red table cloths tie it all together. I made accordion hearts with the qualities we love about one another written on them in a metallic pen, and placed them on the table in places. Each place setting had a paper heart with each guest's name on it.

We rolled up folded red napkins and made a rose, and stuffed it in a wine glass. Then I cut green paper leaves and placed them next to the napkin to look like a rosette.

A small, purple tinsel Christmas tree with purple lights was perfect! I bought really cute heart ornaments to place on it.

 Under the tree, valentine gifts as well as the Christmas gifts!

What's Valentine's Day without chocolate cake? This is my decadent, simple chocolate cake. I placed desserts on the buffet with pretty flowers and extra bottles of wine. Here is the cake recipe.



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