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An Open Letter to Facebook from a Lowly Blogger

RECIPE: Coconut Cocoa Rice Crispy Treats

CRAFTS: Video on how to make a DIY Ornament Topiary Tree for Any Festive Occasion

FMD Phase 2 RECIPE: Beef, Leek and Mushroom Soup, AMP'D UP

Crafts: Tips and Tricks on an A+ Undersea Diorama, Sunlight Zone

FMD Progress and a Recipe: Phase 3 Coconut & Chocolate Pudding

FMD Progress & RECIPE: Phase 1 or 3 Slow Cooker Steel Cut Vanilla Oatmeal and an Apple Topping

FMD progress: My Pumped Up Version of the Fast Metabolism Diet's Loaded "Egg White Muffins", Phase 2

RECIPE: Poached Chicken with Ginger and Mushroom Soup

RECIPE: Shrimp with a champagne, shallot herb butter sauce over lemon risotto

ENTERTAINING: New Year's Eve Fondue Night, with oysters and crab legs (menu, recipes and how-to's)


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