VIDEO HOW TO: Make a Book/Library Themed Christmas Tree with DIY Upcycled book Ornaments

So I have a problem. I love the holidays. And that's not such a big problem unless you just keep wanting to decorate and craft things so that each room in your home will eventually be decorated with holiday cheer. But where to store all this stuff in an urban-size house?

Yup. Exactly. 

And my husband is ready to just start tossing stuff out. He gets pretty cranky helping me bring all the holiday bins down from the attic, of which there seems to be more and more of.

But I always wanted a little tree in the library, decorated with little book ornaments. The little book lined room just screams for one. Well, whispers. But still. 

And this is why when I took on this small reading themed holiday tree project, I kept it TOP SECRET. I kept the tree in my trunk hidden for a month! And I quietly crafted away in my craft room, video taping my how-to videos on making my charming mini book ornaments and book tassel ornaments. And when I quickly put it all together on the tree when hubby went to the store, it all just magically was there in all it's loveliness when he got back. 

How could he complain? I mean, look at it!?

So I have put here the two video episodes of making the ornaments for a library themed tree. You will need an old book which you will cut the pages from, so make sure it's something that you won't feel guilty about cutting up. You will need glue or Mod Podge, card stock, ribbon, thread or string, buttons, and paint. The techniques are simple and the mini books use some basic book binding techniques. 

I love my tree. It is so cozy in there and even my angsty tween daughter did her reading homework in there with some hot cocoa.

More crafts to come, so stay tuned. (Like I said, I have issues. Is there a group for Christmas hoarders/crafters anonymous?)

Episode 1: Mini Book Ornaments

Episode 2: Book Page Tassel Ornaments and Book Paper Chains



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