COOKING: Gearing up for a Slow Cooker Celebration Weekend with RED GOLD Tomatoes #RGRecipes #SlowCooker

So I am going to take a break from being all "militant mamma" with my Anatabloc/FDA petition to get back to one my favorite things, cooking. And one thing I love to do on busy, crisp fall days is pull out the slow cooker. 

Red Gold has developed some pretty awesome recipes if you are kind of bored with your crock pot repertoire. They are here:

I also have been doing some recipe development with their luscious variety of canned tomatoes. I'll be sharing them with you this weekend in celebration of all things slow cooker, starting on Friday with some of my favorite tips, and offering up a couple of new recipes Saturday and Sunday.
Don't have a crock pot? YOU ARE IN LUCK! Get in on the crock pot give away on Red Gold's Facebook page, HERE. Under the cover photo click on 2-a Day Giveaway. Hurry! The giveaway ends October 8th!

And guess what?
I am doing my first give away. 
I am getting all blogger-official-like (insert air quotes.)
I don't usually do these. As you know I am busy busy busy. But for you, I will make time to pop this lovely cute little Red Gold apron in the mail! How can you win?

I will give the apron to the lucky follower that has the BEST crock pot tip to share with my followers FOR FREE! The winning tip will be included in the crock pot weekend kickoff post FRIDAY!

Come on, you want free stuff. And the apron is red. My favorite color!

Crock pot on, my friends. And here is a big WE LOVE YOU RED GOLD from us!


  1. Apple butter, cooked low over night, makes the house smell amazing. That's all I have. I definitely do not use my crock pot as much as I could, so I'm looking forward to your recipes!

  2. Don't overfill your slow cooker to make sure your meal is finished in the time listed on your recipe. Most manufacturers recommend filling them no more than two-thirds full.

  3. My tip is to use the Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners for very fast clean up!


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