Back to School Tradition: THAT math homework night (you know the one.)

It happens every year. The first school week, your kid coasts, and they think, "Hey! This is easy! Why was I so nervous? Why was I so worried?" Then week 2 hits, and the homework moves up to normal levels. And that one, infamous night, it happens. For your kids, it may be reading, science, writing? For our bundle of joy, it's math.

And what makes it worse, is that for me, it's math.

And you know how this night goes. The slamming of the pencil down on the table. The yelp of "I don't get it!" And the water works start as their hands go to hold their head in frustration. It's painful. Your heart breaks. And in a way, you relive your own "That" night again. It's like going back to school all over again for you, and it wasn't all roses then. And it's not all roses now.

Usually this all goes down as I am washing dinner dishes, because of course your child has procrastinated until after dinner to do her least favorite subject. Wouldn't you?

But I've done this before, and I'm getting to be a pro. It's gonna be a long night. So I dry my hands on a dish towel, and I put the coffee pot on with a generous helping of Starbucks Fall blend. I allow the rich and spicy scent to settle my nerves. I make a cup of chamomile tea for my daughter to settle her down, too. I pour my Fall blend brew into my favorite cup. And together we tackle divisibility and story problems.

The steam wafting out of the mug helps to calm my temper as she loses hers. I take deep breaths as I explain things. My patience helps her patience. Slowly, I see the light bulbs go off in my daughter's head. Is this the magic teachers strive for every day, that glimmer of understanding- and knowing you are a part of it?

I don't know. I am just a mom, not by any means a teacher. Teachers should be canonized. Maybe moms should be too. I don't know.

But as my daughter now finishes her math homework with more speed and confidence, with little help from me, I sit and enjoy my cup of coffee for a few minutes. I bask in the joy that we survived another one of our yearly 1st math homework meltdowns.

For your annual homework meltdowns, I recommend a warm cup of steaming yummy. It could be tea or hot cocoa. I recommend chamomile for your kid. It helps calm them down a little and is very soothing, especially if it's getting late in the evening.

For the mom that has so much to do AFTER homework (like me) I recommend Starbucks Fall blend. It's smokey and smooth. It brings a little joy to math-and that for me is a lot.
Learn about it here.

Please note: Starbucks Fall blend was provided by Starbucks. All thoughts, opinions and obsessions about Starbucks coffee are completely my own. Thanks!


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