HOW TO VIDEOS: How to Make a Fresh Peach Lattice Pie Series

People love my pies. I have spent years reading, learning, testing and perfecting pie making techniques. I have used a pastry cutter, food processor, and simply my own two hands and a fork to make pie crusts. And my favorite thing to make in the summer is a peach pie using fresh farm stand peaches from Michigan.

I have posted this recipe in the past, and I make it every time we vacation at our lake house rental in Michigan. We usually enjoy it on our "annual sunset pie cruise" on the lake, where we nibble on pie a la mode while watching the sun go down over the lake as my husband drives the pontoon boat rental around. Then we usually wait until "magic hour" when the fish start going crazy-and we get casting. I think I caught 10 large bass this trip! No joke! See.....

Our little lake house rental is SMALL. But even a small, minimal kitchen can allow for great things. And this pie proves it. Here, I show you in three phases how to make a peach pie. I include how to pick ripe peaches and easily slice them off the pit. Because my husband forgot my pastry cutter at home, I had to make this pie crust by hand with a fork and knife-really old school. So it's good to learn that technique as well! And finally, I dedicate one episode to making a lattice top. It's easy. I swear. Just watch. You'll see!

And I do end in episode 3 on the annual pie cruise, so you get to see our pretty sunset. Sigh*. I am wishing I was there right now.



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