RECIPES: 14 Summer Salads Round Up

Summer is perfect for salad in any way possible. It's light and cool, and allows you to use up your garden's harvest or a Farmer's Market shopping spree. Over the years, I have acquired quite a few go-to salads. I picked my favorites I have featured on the blog over the years in this post. I have everything from a simple fruit salad to using grains and pastas to simple green salads. You name it, you'll find a rendition of it here.

Our family does a "soup and salad night" every Monday. It forces us to eat light and healthy, and allows us to use up any left over grilled meat or vegetables from the weekend. As much as I hate it some Mondays-I am truly glad we are disciplined in doing this. I think it teaches our daughter good eating habits and makes us thrifty with left overs. So good things all around!

Summer is short-and so are fresh vegetables! Enjoy them while you can, and hopefully this post gives you some ideas how.



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