VIDEO: Culinary Herbal & Floral Series #2: How To Make Infusions & Simple Syrups

Hi all! Here is my second installment of my herbal/floral video series in celebration of my two year labor of love, "Savoring Sweet" (on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and soon on GoodReads for only $2.99!).  Here I show you how to make an alcohol infusion and an herbal simple syrup. The infusion is made with rhubarb and lavender, inspired by a cocktail I enjoyed at my favorite gastropub downtown called Farmhouse. I also show how to infuse herbs in a simple syrup, a mainstay of mixology, dessert garnishes and fruit salads.

These are two indispensable techniques when venturing into the world of herbs and florals in sweets and desserts.

Now I am going to get some gin and basil to make some yummy cocktails for tonight with that rhubarb lavender concoction.




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