VIDEO: Culinary Herbal & Floral Series #1: How To Make Herbal Extracts & Sugars

Hi all! Some of you may or may not have known, but my labor of love for 2 whole years has finally hit the e-bookshelves! You can buy my little self-published ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks,  Kobo, and soon on GoodReads for only $2.99! 

I thought to help promote the book and share my new herbal and floral obsession, I would make a few how-to videos about this culinary art that's enjoying a revival. 

Here is the first installment, where I show you how to make an herbal extract and an infused sugar. These are two indispensable techniques when venturing into the world of herbs and florals in sweets and desserts. Now if only spring can come, and we can get growing some fresh herbs and flowers. That's when the real magic happens.



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