REVIEW: It's Never Too Late to #sharejoy with Starbucks Holiday Blend!

I know. I know.
Holidays are over, right? You are all on the "eating rice cakes" New Year's resolution stuff, paying credit card bills and feeling all depressed because January stinks. I myself am munching on a salad as I write, looking at a very cold and grey afternoon.

But I am a Catholic Italian, which means technically, holidays last until the Epiphany (January 6th). SO that's my story as to why I am still enjoying Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee this week, and you should too!

Well, and my blogger review box came kind of, yesterday. But moving on....

SO I just first I want to say, I have always loved Starbucks. I am a brand loyalist through and through. And they are just a class act; from their products, to their culture to their marketing. And when I got this lovely box in the mail yesterday, I was taken aback by the presentation of their products to me. I felt very special, and you can tell they take such pride in their products and brand. It really showed.

But the proof was in the cup. So my hubby and I brewed a pot this morning. We usually switch around from Starbucks french roast to Costco private labels to Gevalia. We were excited to try this.

I first noticed when I opened the bag the aroma of cocoa and vanilla. It was very subtle and lovely. It doesn't taste like cocoa-but it smelled a little like it. My husband was surprised that it wasn't flavored. I guess he assumed it would be a funky holiday flavored coffee, and it isn't. All the nuance and flavor comes from the bean itself. That's the Starbucks way. (I tsked-tsked him!)

When I prepare coffee, I always clean my pot, the wire basket and the brewing basket. I always use fresh cold water and I always add a very light sprinkle of salt over the grounds. This is a trick I got wind of from a friend of a local chef who I cannot name (I wasn't supposed to tell anyone...whoopsie.) Also, though the directions called for 2 Tbsp. per 6 oz. of water, I threw in 5 Tbsp. for 12 oz. We like things a little punchier at our house.

My husband and I agree, though this is a pretty bold brew, it is not as bitter as their other blends. The play on the tongue initially is "spicy". I could taste cinnamon, clove and pepper notes. But then it smooths out to a creamy vanilla finish. It was pretty darn yummy. Full bodied but smooth.

Then decided to #sharejoy with my coworkers and brewed a couple of pots at work to see what they thought. These people are serious coffee drinkers. Below are some of their quotes:

"It's not as astringent and their other coffees. There is a light cinnamon note at the beginning. It is very much a bold, robust brew."-Addie
"It's spicy, I get spiciness with cinnamon and citrus notes!" -Jourdan

The good news, Starbucks Holiday Blend is now on sale 'cause its after the New Year! It's really just a great blend of beans with lovely nuance. I think that you can enjoy this brew well into January-heck we need SOMETHING to brighten such a boring and depressing month!

Let us know what you think! #sharejoy!



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