RECIPE: Double Chocolate Baked Doughnuts

I sometimes wonder who came up with doughnuts for breakfast. Fried or baked, they seem more like dessert than something to wake up your body with.

Although, now that I think about that statement, I wonder. They're deep fried carbohydrates dipped or frosted in sugary laced goodness?

I bet it does a lot more as far as an energy jolt than coffee. So I guess that makes sense. 

Well, these little babies are baked, so they are slightly healthier than fried. Baked doughnuts are better with cake flour, but I just had regular. If you substitute cake flour, you may need to adjust your coffee amount. You don't want things too runny. Mine were denser than usual on account of the heartier flour. They were still good.

My daughter was pretty thrilled to wake up to them-that's for sure.

Double Chocolate Baked Doughnuts
makes about 8-9 doughnuts

1 cup flour
1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp. baking powder
1 Tbsp. Dutch process cocoa powder
1/2 tsp. salt

1 Tbsp. butter, melted
2 Tbsp. milk
1/4 cup sour cream
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
Up to 1/4 cup fresh brewed coffee
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
Powdered sugar for garnish
Nonstick cooking spray and a doughnut pan

Heat oven to 375˚. Spray the doughnut pan molds. Set aside.

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl with a whisk. Set aside.

In another bowl, whisk the butter with the vanilla, sour cream, milk and egg. Whisk until creamy and think. Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet. Next add the coffee, mix until the batter is creamy and can be spooned into the molds. 

Mix half the morsels into the batter. Spoon batter into the molds, about 2/3rds full. Sprinkle some morsels on the top. Bake the doughnuts until puffy and set, about 10-12 min. Let sit in the pans for 5 minutes, then pull the doughnuts out of the molds and transfer to cooling racks. Serve warm with a healthy sprinkling of powdered sugar.

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