RECIPES: Italian Struffoli Napoletani and Scartellate Pugliese How-To (Video)

Every year, for about 20 years, I've taken two days off work and my sister and mom bake all kinds of traditional cookies. I am exhausted after all of it, but it is so much fun. It's always great to just hang out with them, and also learn some very traditional cookies my mom makes. Some of these recipes have been handed down for generations, and are barely written down. And if they are written down, it's in mom's indiscernible handwriting on stained and faded paper, and usually in Italian! So I had the idea this year that I would video tape how to make two very traditional cookies my parents still make. One is from my dad's home town, Mola di Bari. The other is from my mom's, Struffoli.

I wasn't sure if my parents and sister would be up for being on video and helping out with filming, but they were great sports! And they have cute accents to boot. So bring some old school Italian to your cookie plates this weekend!

Buon Natale!



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