RECIPE: Cookie round up, my 2013 cookie plate!

People think I'm crazy, and this year I wondered if maybe I was, making 11 kinds of cookies for holiday plates and tins...some of the recipes I even doubled! My back was in bad shape after I was done. But I am pretty proud of my efforts. In the mix are some of my own recipes, and some old faves from Land O Lakes cookbooks and BHG. I try to have a mix of flavor, shapes and colors (after all I am an art director by trade!)
Here are the links should you wanna try any.
Happy last minute baking!

Double chocolate hazelnut biscotti

Cornmeal lemon blackberry sage

Eggnog bites

Peppermint candy twirl

Nutella bites

Chocolate chip mint sticks

Lemon lavender shortbread

Chocolate coffe ribbons

Pistachio chocolate chips

Spiced bizcochitos

Lime cremes



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