CRAFT: Video How To Make an Upcycled Holiday Wreath using an Old Hula Hoop and T-Shirts

I spent Thanksgiving weekend, and the following, making a large wreath for our outside gate. I found a beat up hula hoop under our deck, and thought I could make it from that. It was the right size-nice and big!

 I also was able to decorate it with strips of old T-shirts and made lovely felt flowers to decorate it. In this video, I not only show you how to make the wreath, but how to make those lovely felt flowers you are seeing all over Pinterest. Felt rosettes are great to embellish anything! They can be added to topiaries, hats, purses, scarves, pins. You name it. And it's easy to do. This video should help you out!

Happy Holiday Decorating!



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