COOKING CRAFT: How to Make an Easy Minecraft "Cake Pop" Block Cake (video)

Some of you have been following me a while, and I know you have seen lately what my daughter puts me through on Halloween and her birthday lately. She really pushes me to expand my creativity, that's for sure. This year was no different. For some of you moms out there, Minecraft has taken over your household, as it has ours. It was no surprise when my daughter begged for a Minecraft themed party. At first, I was going to just make a giant cake "block" with squares of fondant as the decorations, and have a paper Steve doll cutting it with a diamond sword. Then my husband said, "Your cake pops are amazing, why don't you make them into squares, and then the kids can actually build something?" Well, Minecraft is all about building, so it made perfect sense. I went to some sites to print out a base background texture for them to build on at the party. I also found paper crafts to create a paper Steve, trees, sheep, and all kinds of creatures with hopes to give the kids figures to pose. Alas, I was being too ambitious and all I got done was one Steve. And a ton of yummy cake pop blocks. 

Make sure to have hand sanitizer before the kids play with the blocks, otherwise, no one will want to eat them, know what I mean?

And for the cake pop recipe, visit this post I wrote last year. I prefer to make homemade cake for the pops. They are less sugary sweet, and more rich and decadent. If you want to cut a corner using canned frosting, that's fine (I actually did with these). I prefer Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Vanilla frosting, in case you want a recommendation.

Happy Mining!



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