NEW MOMMY CORNER: Important Baby Furniture Needed for your Newborn

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Social media and the "interwebs" is an amazing way to meet people and grow your community. Through it I have met amazing and talented people I would not have ever met had it not been through this blog One of the people I have had the pleasure of getting to know is a wonderful new mom, Hillary! Hillary, meet the cyber-world. Hillary is on her new journey of motherhood! She is a mommy-to-be that enjoys learning about starting a new family, safety for her baby, and anything that's cute for her newborn! She is going to share tips, thoughts and advice about her new journey with the world. We are still working out the details, and may add a special section to the blog once we get going, but join me in giving her a warm welcome as she shares some advice on shopping for baby furniture. 

I think it apropos to be launching this addition to the blog on the heels of the Royal Baby's birth, don't chya' think!?
I meant to do that. Uh huh.

Important baby furniture needed for your newborn

By Hillary Farr

When you have a baby, you will quickly realize you need a lot of stuff. Some items are more for fun, but there are many items that are absolute “must haves.” Here is a quick list of the most important items needed for your newborn.

First, you need a car seat. You will not be allowed to leave the hospital with your newborn without a properly installed car seat. Today the car seat options are never-ending and can be quite confusing. A great place to start is the car seat guidance section of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. You will find plenty of useful information on how to select a proper car seat for your needs, recall information, and even locations where you can bring your car seat for an inspection and guidance on its installation.

Another important item for your newborn is a crib. Just like car seats, there are specific guidelines to ensure the safe use of cribs. While many families have cribs that have been passed down through the generations, resist the urge to use them. Even though there is a sentimental value to those types of cribs, reality is they are not as safe as today’s cribs. Original screws are more than likely missing and the size of the slats are not going to be safe. It is best to buy new when it comes to this important baby furniture item. Bambi Baby has a variety of baby crib sets that will meet everyone’s style and budget.
Just as you should purchase a new crib instead of using a hand-me-down, the same holds true for a high chair. Resist the temptation of using the same high chair you used as a child and purchase something new. Make sure the high chair you choose does not easily tip over, is size and age appropriate, and never leave your baby unsupervised while sitting in a high chair. For more high chair safety and selection guidelines, review the information on the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

While it may not seem like a furniture item, the truth is a diaper pail is quite essential! The one diaper pail that has become the de facto standard is the Diaper Genie by Playtex. The technology behind the Diaper Genie is actually patented to keep odors and germs in the pail. Once you start changing diapers, you will agree that a diaper pail is a very important part of any nursery!



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