INFOGRAPHIC LOVE: Common Grilling Mistakes

YAY! I'm restarting my infographic installments.
A: Because I have an obsessive love for them
B: Because I get sent wonderful ones to share with you all constantly
C: I learn stuff all the time from them, and in a graphically pleasing way.

So, here is one for today. I used to post them every Tuesday. But honestly, it was so stressful to remember every. single. Tuesday. I mean. It's just me and my cat working on this blog, ya know. It's my third job. And sometimes I need to sleep. So you'll get maybe an infographic here once or twice a month, as they get sent to me and I think you would find them helpful/enjoyable or as I stumble across them on my own. No stress. Just infographic goodness as it comes.

This great infographic is about common grilling mistakes, sent to me courtesy of
JES Restaurant Equipment (

My husband does one of these mistakes below. But I shouldn't say anything, should I?
Ok. I'll tell you.
He flattens burgers. He takes that big old manly grilling spatula and SQUISH it goes on those poor burgers.
And I don't even like burgers, really.
I know, weird.

Enjoy the tips!

Easy tips for grilling like a pro! (Infographic)! (Infographic)

Source by JES Restaurant Equipment



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