Anatabloc Logs: week of June 10, 2013

It has been a bit since I have written a post about how I'm doing on Anatabloc. I've received a few e-mails and requests to let people know how I am. I'm actually (still) doing great! In fact, it's almost been a whole year! I been doing especially well since I have tweaked my dosage to three pills, three times a day. I know the dosage requirements for that amount is usually two doses four times a day. I'm just so busy that I fall asleep on the couch at the end of the day and I forget that fourth dose. So because I've tweaked my dose I don't need to use slippery elm as much. And I have been out of my probiotics for a few weeks and it hasn't affected me negatively like I thought it would. So I would say things are going really well!  I don't have any symptoms. My bathroom visits are normal and regular. I have no pain, cramping or fever. My energy is up and I am still eating low sugar/ low carbs to keep everything happy. And when I cheat, it doesn't affect me as badly as it used to. So really nothing negative to report from this neck of the woods.

The interesting thing that we've noticed when we receive our shipment of the supplements is that we have been getting a sample of their new face cream, which I was really excited to try.

Needless to say, the same anti-inflammatory goodness that is in the supplement is in the cream. And I now get very excited when they send me new samples in my shipment.  I was very impressed with how a small age spot that showed up after an irresponsible-lack-of- sun-block-day during a Florida trip in my mid-30's actually began to diminish and lighten just after one week of use. I also noticed that my wrinkles on my forehead were going away. I of course quickly went online to use the $20 coupon they also mailed with the samples. But I was dismayed to see how expensive this cream was, even with the $20 coupon. It's simply not in my budget. So, I use the samples sent to me sparingly. I hope in the future Star Scientific will lower the price to make it more affordable!

But back to the supplement and my Crohn's. Because I've been doing so well on this stuff, I have been very paranoid/worried that some company will come along and buy up the company and stop production of these wonderful supplements. I have been sick long enough to know that the pharmaceutical industry would prefer that we stay sick and buy the inflated priced drugs all the time, rather than have preventative, affordable care. I'm sorry to sound paranoid or pessimistic, but I have bills and emotional (and physical) scars to prove this fact over the years.

Think about it. This supplement takes down the inflammation in our systems naturally so that we don't have to suppress our immune systems. In my case, my inevitable next step would be immune suppressants, costing me thousands of dollars worth of injections a month. Frankly, the pharmaceutical companies are losing money on me. I would prefer it stayed that way.

I pray and hope that this magical stuff is around for a very long time. It has been a miracle for me. I thank God every day that my husband happened to know about it last November. I thank God that he urged me to try it and that I was brave enough to listen, and delay my doctor's orders for just a little bit while trusting my instincts. I would certainly have spent a lot more money by now, and probably be having all kinds of side effects from the autoimmune suppressants that they wanted me to be on. Think about it. What's better for your body? To fight an illness, is it better to support your immune system or suppress your immune system? When you suppress your immune system you can't fight off disease, aging, allergies, toxins, etc. How is that good in the bigger scheme of things? Sometimes I believe the "cure" (I use that word in my case loosely) is worse than the disease itself. These supplements allow your immune system to act normally. And that's good-and I'm good!

Thank you all for your good wishes, advice and concern. Stay well, and when you wish to hear from me again, just keep poking me and I'll eventually get to another log entry. I'm too busy with so many other activities like cooking, gardening, mommying and working that I have to stop and let you all know how I am! It's because of this supplement I can keep up with my crazy life!

Take care of yourselves and God bless.

P. S. Star Scientific, when you drop the prices on that face cream, let me know! That's some good stuff!


  1. Flora Looks like your prayers are going to be answered !!

    So Anatabloc makes your skin super soft, your nails and hair grow twice as fast. What is not to like about that??? Every woman's dream.

    What about the Anatabloc face cream? See results here

    Rumor has it that the price is going to drop to $ 99 Wow Cannot wait...


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