Mommyhood: The Best Mother's Day Present? The Gift of Time.

I was asked to participate in a fun blog contest to describe what the best Mother's Day present would be under $25 by ( After thinking on it for a while, I realized that the best present for me, and...well, for any mother really, is time. Blissful, sweet, luxurious time. A gift that practically costs nothing to give, and is priceless in it's value to any mom.

Every mother is pulled in various directions, and dedicates her life in taking care of others. I am reminded of a wonderful old book I read years ago by Anne Morrow Lindberg called "Gift from the Sea." In it, she describes a woman's life like the spokes of a wheel. Her core radiates outward from her center, and each spoke is a role she plays in supporting her "wheel of life". She is a mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, niece, aunt, granddaughter, grandmother-the list goes on and on. But she rarely focuses inward. The way of the mother is always outward, and always spinning around going somewhere.

So I would suggest that everyone should give the mom in their life time. Husbands, take that 25 dollars and take the kids to the movies, a playlot or use it on gas to run errands with the kids. Take the kids away for a little while so that Mom can have some guilt-free time all to herself for once.

Time for a bath without someone banging on the door or yelling for you.
Time to read an extra long novel-or a short trashy one.
Time to garden with wild abandon.
Time to watch a Downton Abbey marathon with your cat and a vat of popcorn the size of an elephant.
Time to catch up on scrapbooking, or sewing, or painting, or crafting or writing.
Time to do absolutely nothing but sit on your deck with a cup of tea wine.
Time to do your nails and actually let them dry properly.
Time to take a walk.
Time to work out.
Time to fill new boards on Pinterest.
Time to actually...wait for it....take a nap.

Time for mom to do whatever she wants to do for herself (and usually its just small things) and not feel an ounce of "mom-guilt" doing it.

And for extra brownie points, if dads/kids are really thrifty with that 25 bucks and found a cheap/free way to leave the house with the kids without having DCFS called, then put that money toward some yummy groceries and make a cozy dinner together as a family. Mom will be all refreshed and excited to spend time with her family after all that indulgent "me-time."

Now excuse me while I go print out this post for my husband.

Happy Mother's Day, and please share what you would do with your gift of time!



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