How to Prune your Rose Bush for Springtime

I have been getting asked...well...told...that I should do more videos. Fulfilling this request is wrought with anxiety. Who will shoot the video? How rediculous will I look in these videos? How many weirdos will say creepy things on YouTube under the video? How many people will just be mean in the comment area? I started feeling like I was in middle school all over again.

But my maiden voyage into video how-tos with my container pond was relatively successful. My sweet daughter (who was 7 at the time!) shot it. I had a few weirdos say off-color comments and quite a few constructive comments were added as well (I named a water plant wrong, and many people felt the need to tell me over and over and get the picture.) It was fun to respond to a lot of questions and I recieved a lot of positive feedback, too. The audience for video is pretty extensive, allowing bloggers to be part of a bigger community.

So here I am again on video (though hubby shot this one) to show you how easy it is to prune your rose bush this spring. The roses here in the Midwest are finally waking up, so now is the time to give them the pruning boost they need heading into summer. Don't delay! Your gardening gloves want to get out more. Hop to it!


Oh, and please be kind about the video. I'm still getting used to this unforgiving medium!



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