COOKING: How to Make an Award Winning Pie Crust (video)

Today I'm sharing my best kept secrets on making the best pie crust ever. I have won some contests in my time with my pie prowess, so I thougth I would share what I do. Many of my techniques I have learned from Rose Beranbaum (author of The Pie and Pastry Bible). She is the DIVA of all things baking, and we should all bow down at her alter of yumminess.

I want to apologize for how long these videos are. My husband, who edited them for me, kept saying "GEEZE! This is long! You must have been up all night making this pie and this video!"

Yes, yes I did.

This comment proved to me that my husband doesn't know what goes on in our own home half the time. I mean, what did he think was making all that racket at 1 in the morning in our kitchen, and who did he think I was talking to? Our resident ghost? But I digress. I shouldn't tease the hubster, after all, he edited my video on his own SMOOCHES hubby!

The pie video is long (2 parts in fact, thank you Youtube for your silly rules) because true pie making is an endeavor. It takes time and love. But it isn't really labor intensive. The issue is time, time to relax the dough over and over and over again. And then an hour in the oven and 2-3 hours for pies to set. SO yeah, pies take a long time. Therefore, next time you enjoy a truly homemade pie, give that baker a giant kiss. She or he deserves it.




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