LIFESTYLE: Quick Anatabloc Update/ Dec 4, 2012

Hello my fellow Anatablocers! I hope the holidays aren't stressing you out too much and you are staying healthy. I have been asked by many how I have been doing, and thought I would let everyone know I am doing great-really great in fact. A few posts ago I mentioned I wanted to start doing other things to try and help heal my intestinal tissue while the Anatabloc does it's magic on my immune system. I thought if my immune system wasn't attacking my digestive system constantly, then it could have a chance to actually heal. After a few tries with over the counter probiotics and some aloe vera juice, I visited an apothecary shortly after Thanksgiving (All the eating caused me to have a day of discomfort). The pharmacist there recommended two things. Slippery Elm powder and a special power-biotic from a company called Symbion. I have been taking 2 power-biotics once a day for two weeks, and I was taking Slippery Elm three times day. I now only take Slippery Elm before dinner. Slippery Elm is supposed to actual heal and soothe the tissue in your intestinal tract. You mix 1 tsp. in a cup of warm water and drink it before eating a meal. (It tastes like watered down tree bark, but it's doable.) The power-biotics help balance it all out. But the addition of these two things with the Anatabloc is giving me a totally normal tummy life. I am so very happy right now. I feel like I dodged the immune suppressant bullet, for now.  We'll see long term.

Now the Symbion bottle says after a month, I need to up my dosage for a bit, then go back down. I think the idea is to get the balance of good bacteria there to stay in your intestines. All I know is that it has done wonders for regularity. I am in no pain, and I really feel normal.

Oh and twice I have felt I was getting a bad cold, with it going around the office. With extra sleep, I dodged those illnesses. I believe the Anatabloc really does support the immune system. It has really helped keep me healthy.

This Apothecary I visited is a wonderful place, with a long history of healing people naturally. If you are ever in Chicago, I urge you to visit it. The building alone is lovely-but the knowledge inside is worth the trip. It's called Merz's Apothecary. It's on Lincoln Ave in a wonderful little shopping neighborhood called Lincoln Square.



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