CRAFTING: Easy DIY Yarn and Felt Holiday Wreath

Oh, Pinterest. Curse you. I just keep pinning endless cool, crafty things that stare back at me weekly, taunting me with the question, "HELLO? When do you plan on making me?" I decided to set aside some time this weekend to make this pretty easy yarn wreath I have seen on countless Pinterest boards. After all, it's almost time to the deck the halls-so getting a jump on a wreath this weekend seemed like good timing.

I have included the original links to the sites that helped teach me how to do it. I will walk through the steps below, but feel free to go these other great craft blogs for more wreath color inspiration as well as other amazing crafts.

What you will need:

A straw wreath with the plastic wrap kept on
a skein of yarn
5-6 square felt pieces
2-3 silk floral leaves
Tacky fabric glue or a hot glue gun
pretty holiday ribbon for hanging

Step 1:

I found that unraveling a large amount of yarn, cutting it and re wrapping the yarn over my fingers or a piece or rolled paper helped manage the yarn while wrapping the wreath as well as having it go quicker. Things also got less tangled. Start with your end, and tie it around with a small knot at the back, and wrap tightly around, one loop tightly against the next. As you wrap things, wrap over any loose ends from your knot, so they are hidden and nothing is hanging off funny. If you get to the end of your yarn, tie a knot to the back, and start again with more yarn. The trick to starting and stopping the yarn is to wrap over the loose knot ends so they are not showing. Remember, wrap things tight and evenly, going over areas a few times that weren't covered. Continue until you are done and do a final knot at the back. Trim off any ends.

Step 2:

The key to the flowers is to understand the tighter and smaller the square of felt, the smaller the flower. And vice versa. I wanted the biscuit color to be my main flower, so I made the largest square I could out of the biscuit colored felt piece. Then I cut a wavy edge all around the circle. Then start a cut in, about 1/2 " thick, and go around and around in a spiral until you get to the end of your felt, but stop short of your "oval" shape. You will have a little oval/ circle at the end if you don't cut all the way. Keep that shape for the bottom of your flowers, so snip it off and set it aside. Cut smaller squares, and from those squares a wavy circle for your smaller flowers.

Step 3:
Start with your inside end of the circle strip, and roll tightly in your fingers. You are working the underside of the flower, so keep the felt even, matching your edges so you have a flat bottom. As you roll and want a fuller, more petal-looking flower on the outside "petals", loosen your rolling. When you get to your end, glue it down.

Step 4:
Glue the oval piece to the bottom of your flower with plenty of glue. Turn it right side up. Trim and shape any wonky "waves" that made a "petal" stick out too far. The outer waves you cut originally help give the flower a petal look, but some of those waves may be weird. Use your tasteful eye, and shape accordingly. Repeat the process with your other wavy circles.

Step 4: Glue your flowers down where you want them, remember to tuck your silken leaves under the flower bases and glue those down as well.

Step 5: Tie your ribbon on the top and hang it! Feel free to hit it with some scotch guard if it's going to be in the elements. It won't completely protect it, but it will help.

Original Inspiration:



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