Anatabloc logs (final entry for now) Nov. 10, 2012

Many people have been asking how I've been doing on Anatabloc since my last entry, and I promised to write one. I felt that my posts were getting boring and redundant. But I guess inquiring minds want to know? I have not scheduled an appointment with my GI because I just don't think she is going to be on board with being on Anatabloc long term. So I am on the search for a new GI. Especially because I am due for maintenance tests next year.

Meanwhile, I have still been doing great in managing my Crohn's symptoms. I have even been cheating on my food more often than usual without many adverse digestive side affects. I take an extra dose before bed after having a meal where I cheated a lot (cheating for me is excessive sugar and refined flour). I have also found that I am warding off colds and such much better. In fact, a horrible head cold has been making it's way through my office this week. I started feeling it coming on last night, and I just laid down under a couple of blankets and rested. I felt fine this morning! Of course, I was working a bake sale for 4 hours this afternoon, and I feel it coming on again as I write this. I think the key is to really rest, and let your immune system do it's thing. Anatabloc helps that.

The only challenge through my time on Anatabloc has been managing the disease with monthly hormone fluctuations. I know I have mentioned this before. I feel so good now, that I really notice when my flare ups happen. And I have noticed my Crohn's symptoms get crankier during those times. Evening primrose is helping that, but I may look into trying some other things. If I can get that under control, I am golden.

I am staying the course. Anatabloc has been wonderful in managing my disease for now. I will write a post once I get a new GI and have tests done, and give you all an update. Comparing new tests to older ones would be very helpful in knowing if this supplement truly does help the inflammation.

I have heard that Anatabloc is working on trials for Crohn's disease, Alzheimer's and thyroid disease. I look forward to those results being shared with doctors everywhere! It sure would make my life a lot easier as I try to find a doctor that would be open to me using it. Why are doctors so skeptical of managing disease naturally, and through diet? I don't get it.

But for me, I am a believer. I have not felt this good in I don't know how long. Proof will be in test comparisons. So I search for a doctor. And we'll see. I will log off for now, until then.

Peace, and stay healthy!


  1. Thank you, UDD, for the update on controlling your disease.

    Have you advocated to other Crohn's Disease patients to use Anatabloc? If so, have they had similar success?

    Thsnk you, again.


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