LIFESTYLE: Anatabloc Logs, wo/ Aug 6th-16th


I am all back from vacation, back on my routine, back to the crazy.

Things continue to go very well on the Anatabloc supplement. Even on my vacation, where I definitely cheated here and there on refined flour, starches and sugars- my system stayed the course. This bad eating usually throws me into a tailspin. Not this time!

The challenge was coming back, actually. Only because my Anatabloc supply was in my luggage and I kept forgetting to bring it to work with me! (you know how your luggage looks like it vomited your life all over the floor from vacation waiting for you to do laundry and get things back to reality? Yeah-that.)

So I had 2 1/2 days of very low dosage. I did have a slightly rough evening after the two days. But by the next day with a consistent dosage, I was back to a happy tummy. This brings to mind what one reader mentioned earlier. He said that if you ever want to get off the Anatabloc, to go down slowly so your immune system has time to adjust itself. It does make sense, as in most supplements and medications.

My observation with my disease, no mater what, is that stress coupled with refined flours and sugars are my triggers. I think everyone has different ones. Some say it's dairy.  Some say it's gluten. I can tell you how many doctors have told me what I eat makes no difference to my disease. I am still in disbelief on that one.

My current GI is a lot more open, that's why I like her. She says because so many people claim to have different triggers, it's so hard to pinpoint what causes Crohn's. She said do what makes me feel better. Eating healthy is a good thing regardless, so why not? Kind of silly for my past doctors to just say to me, "Well, it doesn't matter in regard to your disease." My point is, this supplement has really helped manage things better. It even lets me cheat a lot more. But, I do notice a slightly "under the weather" feeling when I really push my cheating to the limit. I may get a few stomach cramps, and an extra bathroom visit. But it is short lived while I am on this supplement. Things right themselves usually within 8 hours (as long as I didn't do anything like eat a whole box of Oreos or something-not that I ever have done that!)

Even though this supplement seems to work wonders, tread lightly with your body. You'll want to push things because you feel so great. Just don't push things too far! Like everything in life, moderation is key.

That's my log for now! Take Anatabloc and Carry On. (ooo, cool ad idea...ha ha)

Take care of yourselves-



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