LIFESTYLE: Anatabloc Logs Week 4-5, July 29-Aug 5 2012

Hello from Anatabloc land!

I had to merge the two weeks this week. When I finally had a minute to post how my progress has been, it was already this week! So I figured at that point, I would just merge it to 2 weeks.

Things continue to improve. My bathroom visits for my Crohn's are happy and normal still, and even getting on a routine schedule, just twice a day! No pain. No fevers or chills at night. Energy up. My gums are fine, by the way. They healed up. I don't know if it was the mix of my multivitamin with the Anatabloc which one reader mentioned might be the cause, but things seem back to normal.

I wish to point out that my daughter and I shared the biggest vat of popcorn when we went to the movie theater and watched BRAVE last week. I fully expected to pay for it that night. I am happy to report I was perfectly fine. I won't go on binges like that often, but it was a special night for us and I went for it. I was feeling so good. I can see how people can get carried away being on this supplement. I need to remind myself to still eat healthy and consume "naughty things" in moderation. I still have a chronic illness-even if this supplement is making me feel invincible!

A couple quick notes, then I am off to enjoy my Sunday with the family. My husband was telling me that our cat does not bother him any more. He doesn't sneeze, and he let her lick him the other day for a while on his arm. A large red rash should have developed, but it didn't. Moon, our cat, was so excited to lick him for once she kept doing it! She never is allowed to do so. So it seems it is supporting my husband's allergies as well.

Also, my coworker started taking it for her eczema, and her hands are looking better than I have seen them in a while. No cracking or bleeding. She is only taking one or two a day, too. Not even the recommended dose. We'll see how she does as she continues.

That's all for now. I'll keep plugging along. I will try to get back on a weekly post, even if it's short. Things have been a little unruly lately with work and things. All the more grateful I am for Anatabloc to help me feel better so I can keep up with it all. I don't have time to be sick! Who does?



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