The Anatabloc Logs, Week 3, week of July 16th

My apologies on being tardy with my log. Sometimes The Urban Domestic Diva goes from "lots of doing" to "too much doing." It's no wonder I have Crohn's Disease!

I do wish to make one comment in reponse to a questions asked of me last week. I am not paid by Star Scientific. They have not contacted me to do this, and I am not getting any compensation or free samples. I started doing this because I was keeping daily logs for my GI anyway, so why not just share some of my experiences with others to help us all hopefully get on paths of healing? That was my only motive. Anatabloc is so new, I thought it might help others to follow someone weekly who is on it to see how someone with my disease reacts to it. That's the truth, pure and simple.

This report will be short and sweet. Because things are going swimmingly!

My bathroom visits are 98% normal. The most normal I have had in I don't know how long. No pain. No cramps. No fevers. Nothing. Normal. My tummy in general is a lot more calm, even when eating things that usually really disrupt it.

My energy is way up! I cleaned the house like a madwoman Saturday, from 10 am to 10 pm with just sitting down once. I even baked some stuff for my blog in between and did loads of laundry.

I have noticed this week that my gums have been sore and swollen. They just started feeling normal again a couple days ago. Not sure if the lozenges were too harsh for my gum tissue? I used listerine a couple times to keep them from getting infected and they seem a lot better as of right now.

I lost weight over the past few weeks. Nothing monumental. But my clothes fit better. A few people at work said I look healthier. They wanted to know what I was doing. Of course, I told them! I have a few people at work trying it out now, too. One for severe excema. I hope it helps her.

I have been thrilled with how this has been working for me. I still cannot believe it. I added a probiotic supplement and multivitamin to my morning routine. If Anatabloc is supposed to help your body take down inflammation to heal, I am hoping to give my body some tools to actually do some healing. Maybe even some aloe vera juice as well to help soothe the lining of my digestive tract might be in order this week as well? It helped when I was first diagnosed, actually. Diluted with a low-sugar juice and it isn't so bad!

That's it for now. I truly, truly hope this is a long term soultion for auto-immune disorders versus some of the harsher drugs out there. I hope that doctors take this supplement seriously and really look into all of it's possibilities.

Until next week, take care of yourself!


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