LIFESTYLE: The Anatabloc Logs, Week 2

I wish to thank all the people who have commented and shared their experiences with my audience and I this past week regarding the anti inflammatory supplement, Anatabloc. It was so encouraging and insightful! A few people asked why I only started on the lower dose versus the recommended one. To respond, I wished to start slowly because I did not know how my body was going to react to anatabine. I always feel caution is key when starting anything new, especially with your body. But I have upped the dosage to two three times a day this week, and have had no negative side affects. The mild headaches have gone, too.

As far as benefits, I can give you a rough overview in a nutshell. I am keeping a more detailed journal to share with my GI in a few months, but I won't bore you with specific details.


As always, I notice when I eat my regular diet of low sugar and whole grains v.s. processed food, sugar or refined flour, I do much better in general. Thus, the week started out a little rocky because of my nephew's birthday party last weekend (who can resist birthday cake or Doritos? Well, not me.) But even though I had a little pain and drama in the bathroom, it was not near as bad as it usually is. And once the week got under way, I was back on my healthier eating habits. SO that was good.

The past two days, I have had no pain in my gut at all. And completely normal, minimal bathroom visits.! I could jump for joy! I also have had a lot less drama in my stomach, especially at night.

Allergies for the summer are non existent. I feel like I have wide-open air ways. It's kind of crazy.

I have lost 5 lbs. or more and I have a ton more energy.

I think quicker and clearer.

I am kind of happier and not as stressed out. It's bizarre. Maybe it's the Vitamin D3 in the pill? But I have read that anatabine lessens inflammation in the brain (look at a recent Alzheimer's study by the Roskamp Institute) Maybe I need to make my father take some! I already gave my Mom some for her joints.

And here's a subtle thing. I noticed a small, dark age spot that formed a few summers ago on my lower cheek starting to lighten, for no reason at all.

Oh, and my husband has seen a marked improvement in his vision. He told me he can see things close up without blurriness. He wouldn't believe it if he wasn't experiencing it himself. Also, his cracked and bleeding feet that have been giving him problems for years with Athlete's foot and swelling have completely cleared up. I saw them this morning and I have never seen his feet look so clear!

So that's all to report for now.
I am curious to see if the past two days with my happier tummy continues at the level it's at. If so, then this is truly a miracle pill for me. But we'll see.

Until next week's check in, peace.


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