LIFESTYLE: The Anatabloc Logs, Week 1

Some of you may or may not be aware that I have Crohn's Disease. I like to blame my crazy, stressful career for it, and in particular, some of the mentally abusive ad agencies I have been at in my past. I was diagnosed in 1997, and I have been on steroids and on Mesalamine to keep it under raps. But as all chronic conditions go, they all eventually worsen over time. Though I have been luckier than most, my disease seems to be getting a little worse the past few years. What is odd, is that I feel fine. My doctor and I have been at odds as far as going on auto-immune suppressants. I guess I want to wait until I really am feeling worse, and she is saying that I am gambling, which I know I kind of am. But these new drugs are powerful and weaken your immune system. My friend passed away two years ago by getting Lymphoma after being on one of them for RA. These drugs have a long list of side affects.

Well, I had said goodbye to my last refill of Mesalamine, and needed to get my blood work done to start the autoimmune suppressants last week. But my husband had been chirping in my ear for a while about this new anti-inflammatory supplement on the market called Anatabloc. He follows the stock market and had read about the company that makes it, and all the studies and trials that are out there for inflammatory diseases. After an MS study they ran, he urged me to read up and give Anatabloc a try before making the jump to the stronger drugs. After doing research online, I felt it was all too good to be true. It was as if the angels heard my prayers and answered my faith that in my lifetime, medicine was going to figure out how to help some of these diseases we suffer. People with a variety of inflammatory diseases such as Rosacea, RA, Crohn's, joint pain, and MS had posted that this stuff is amazing and was helping many of them manage their disease better. What did I have to lose? My colon, but hey, that was in the cards anyway.

Anatabloc comes from the tobacco plant, ironically. I won't get into what it does or how it is made. Here is the link to the site, and you can do some research on your own. From what I have read, it seems safe to use, and you can buy it at GNC.

So my husband and I started a minimum dose 7 days ago. I hope to do a log on how I feel and the interactions with it over the next 6-8 weeks and see how I am feeling. So you can follow my "log" to see if maybe it might be something that can work for you, too. I have ulterior motives for the log. I want doctors to see how and if it is working, including my own. I know she will be skeptical if I ask her about it off the bat. So I am just going for it. Then we can get a GI done and see if there is improvement or not. If not, then I will suck it up and go to the stronger drugs.

Wish me luck!

Week 1, Anatabloc Log

The day we started, my Crohn's was misbehaving. I was having a little stomach pain and went to the bathroom 4 times in a day. They were not happy visits. I also was suffering from my allergies with sinus pressure and left ear pain. I also had lower back pain the whole previous week from carrying the laundry basket funny.

I end this week very surprised an encouraged. Surprised because everything I read said you will not notice much until 30 days on Anatabloc. I have to say, the past two days I have had no stomach pain at all, and each of those days day I had 2 NORMAL stops to the bathroom. And when I mean normal, I mean normal. I got too ahead of myself and ate a huge bowl of no sugar added ice cream, last night. This was a bad idea, because I had a minor flare up this morning. So I upped my dosage to two lozenges this morning, and all is quiet in my tummy since.

My back pain disappeared after two days. My sinuses were super clear after three with no more ear pain. I had a slight headache the first 4 days on it. But that seems to have stopped. I also have to say that my mind seems "clearer". It's hard to explain, but I have a lot more energy and my brain thinks quicker.

My husband reports that shockingly, his near eyesight has improved. His head is clearer. He has a lot more energy and he feels that his mind is sharper. And it has helped him quit smoking, which my husband said was what the supplement was originally for!

Miracle Supplement? Time will tell. We will keep plugging along. Other than today for me, we have only been taking 1 lozenge 3 times a day. I may increase mine, but we'll see.


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