In honor of the middle of summer (which I may add, is going so fast it's depressing me) I am posting a great infographic with grilling tips. I have to say, my sister is a single mom and I am always impressed how amazing she is with her grill. She just rules her grill like a grill'n diva! I am kind of a wuss about things "on fire". So I leave the grill tasks to my big "brawny man". You see, I had an accident with a lit candle, a bathrobe and a Q-tip at an ex-boyfriend's house in college. Surmise what you will. I was fine with the "stop, drop and roll" technique, but my ear with the Q-tip in it while rolling...was not. Ouch. 

So no open flames for me.

So here's to all you Grill'n Brawny Men and Grill'n Divas! Enjoy!



  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading the article you wrote about grilling above.

    We just created an infographic about common mistakes people make when grilling called Come on Baby Light My Fire (I've attached it to this email - you can also see it online here []).

    Since your blog was one of the ones that I read while researching the infographic, I thought that your audience might like our infographic, too - and since I know writers are often looking for relevant content to use, I wanted to let you know that you are more than welcome to use our infographic on your blog : )

    If you do use it, let me know and we'll tweet out a link to your blog post to our twitter followers (@JESRestaurantEq).

    There is some HTML code on our original source post that makes it pretty easy to post, but please feel free to use and post the infographic however you like - we just ask that you put some kind of link back to the source page so if other people want to use it, they can too.

    Thank you very much!

    ~ Melanie

    JES Restaurant Equipment
    (866) 200-6056


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